Wanna know what anxiety is? It’s your sister asking if you want to go shopping and you don’t know what to answer. And she tells you you still have, like, about six hours until she leaves but you start freaking out because you know you won’t know what to buy and you start browsing through lookbook and blogs but you start panicking a bit inside and having butterflies. and everything freaks you out and scares you. (this is just an example)


well, but in other news, since she asked, I tried to do an outfit thingy so it would help me know what to buy or whatever. Here’s some things I dig – and also some beautiful Holland Roden modeling in the picture 😛


wordpress, you so nice

wordpress is so nice to me. it talks to me as I’m this special little precious person and it tells me that I’m getting better everyday – you have a new record: 2 followers – eheh

but anyway, thanks for those 2 followers – I really appreciate it.

so I was editing and I came across these beautiful cap of Leo Howard while I was working with an episode of Kickin’ It. Gosh, can you even resist his smile?


oh, so so (sad) rad

yesterday, I went for a college interview. the teachers interviewing were nice, but the thing just went awfully. I know I don’t have what it takes to be in that school and I know I’ll never get in. but it doesn’t matter.

I’m going to embrace my ignorance (and my lack of knowledge of big, unpronounceable movies) and I’ll keep going as the big silly little girl who thinks she can fly and achieve her dream.

well, silly me keeps walking


(btw, be amazed with a wonderful picture of Bea Miller I found on the web)


what this post won’t be about


(picture taken and edited by me. not a very good one, though)

I was going to talk about myself, but I don’t feel like I want to yet, so… I think I might continue this story I had started but never finished. I won’t share it here because it is written in Portuguese. I really don’t know what to say. I really would like to have a little more confidence in myself. Actually, way more confidence. Just a little wouldn’t be enough.

religion and feminism

today I opened up my mail inbox and usually, the day’s news appear somewhere in the page. today’s news had something that caught my eye.

“Il Messaggero” – an italian newspaper – published an interview with the pope where he briefly talks about women. He says: “Women are the most beautiful creatures God ever created. Church is female. Church is a female word. You can’t have theology without femininity. This being said, you’re right, we don’t talk enough about this. I agree that we must work on women’s theology. I’ve said it before and we’re working on it” (this was roughly translated by me)

This is a step forward for religion. As a Christian and a Feminist, I realize now that Christianity has been hiding women since ever. And it’s about time to stop hiding women.

I could talk more about this, but sincerely my English is a little rusty and I just wanted to share this incredible news from the Pope.